Links About Chronic Pain

Understand Pain: What to do About It in Less Than FIve Minutes  (a great educational video)


"Why Things Hurt--TEDx Talk on Pain by Lorimer Moseley, PhD, PT,  who researches chronic pain


Great website with information on chronic pain and tools for self management  by Neil Pearson, PT, CYT,


The Drug Cabinet in the Brain by David Butler,PT, Ed.D, M.App.SC, GDAMT


painHEALTH, great website for people in chronic pain, based out of Australia


2 great videos "Managing Persistent Pain Before it Manages You" and "Living Well", part of the Pain Program at Island Health, Vancouver


Informative interview with Dr. Herbert Benson, cardiologist, founder of Mind/Body Medical Institute at MGH and professor at Harvard Medical School


Links About Treatments


John Barnes Myofascial Release


Self Treatment with ball


MELT method












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