7 Reasons To Check Out The MELT Method (Hand and Feet Treatments)

So, this past January, I had the opportunity to become certified in the MELT method with creator Sue Hitzmann in the Hand and Feet Treatment techniques. You may have seen her on Dr. Oz, Rachel Ray, Good Morning America, Live! with Regis and Kelly, amongst many other media outlets. The MELT method (Myofascial Energetic Lengthening Technique) is a self treatment technique that works on releasing stuck stress and rehydrating the fascia with specially designed balls. It’s highly adaptable and can help anyone from someone incapacitated with chronic pain to an elite athlete.

1) IT'S EASY – Once you get the hang of it, and understand the steps and techniques, it is actually very simple. There are full treatments as well as mini treatments for the hands and feet The mini treatments have a lot less steps, so if someone has painful conditions in their hands and feet, the mini treatments are the way to start.

2) CAN BE DONE IN SITTING OR STANDING—You can do it in a variety of positions, which makes it appealing to anyone

3) IT'S GENTLE—As Sue Hitzmann says “We are not trying to create pain to get out of pain”. You can always adjust your pressure.

4) TAKES 10 MINUTES OR LESS A DAY—The mini treatments are even quicker, take a couple of minutes!

5) ENHANCES BODY AWARENESS – This is really important as body awareness is usually decreased with chronic pain.

6) YOU CAN USUALLY FEEL IMMEDIATE CHANGES –Part of the treatment is to assess yourself before and after doing the techniques. Not only do you usually feel immediate changes, but it relates back to #5, you are improving your body awareness, or what Sue HItzmann calls “Body Sense."

7) BENEFITS MORE THAN JUST YOUR HANDS AND FEET!--The Melt Method works on the fascia, or connective tissue, which is interconnected and continuous throughout your body. By working on your hands, you can feel affects all the way up to your neck and by working on your feet, you can feel the effects up to the lower back.

But one of the main reason that I was drawn to the MELT method is the fact that it’s a great self-treatment tool. Having a variety of tools to deal with pain is crucial and promotes self-empowerment. My mission is to encourage people to become an active participant in their healing and self-empowerment is the key.

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