Can you relax for just a moment?

The health benefits of relaxation techniques have been well documented. Everyone knows that it is something that they need to do to counteract their daily stress. But people get intimidated by the thought that they need to set aside a lot of time and sit in a special position in order to practice relaxation. We have to make practicing relaxation techniques something concrete and practical in order to fit into our busy lives. So here are some bullet points of things that I typically tell my clients to break it down for them:

  • Relaxation technique= any technique that trains your mind to be in the present

  • So many to choose from, pick one that works for you…it is highly individualized

  • Only requires 1-2 minutes a couple times a day

  • Your ability to relax gets better with practice

  • One of the easiest things to do is just shift your awareness to your breath and start to observe the movements, sensation, and qualities of your breath. This is great to do when you are in a tense or stressful situation and no one will know that you are doing it!

Bottom line: No matter how busy you are, anyone can squeeze in 1 minute at least once or twice a day! Just start with what you can do and when you begin to feel the positive effects you may find yourself doing more.

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